Feminist Workshop organizes a series of online events where participants can learn about traditional Ukrainian cuisine while discussing essential feminist topics in the modern up-to-time context. Invited speakers and a moderator will lead a topical
discussion and answer participants’ questions to make the activity more meaningful and clear for the people from different countries and cultures.

Participants – feminists from various friendly communities are invited to participate in the cooking club, where we will offer a certain dish for cooking, and in the process of cooking we will discuss one of the current topics in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine or general issues related to international feminist struggle.

We strive to create a comfortable place for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, between activists with an academic background and those who work in the field, between those who live in Ukraine and in various places in Europe, America and the world. Therefore, we are experimenting with formats that will be interesting and pleasant for women from all over the world to join.

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Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #1 What role do feminists play in times of crisis?

Our guests Kira Leonova (Ukraine) and Agnieszka Róż (Poland) discussed what role do feminists play in times of crisis and also ow does our work differ during such times? Other participants from Ukraine, Italy and USA joined with their reflections. Event was moderated by Milena Abrahamyan.

Our chief cook Kateryna Dovbnia shows how to cook Ukrainian traditional dish “Hrechanyky”, buckwheat balls, which you make with meat or with potato. Find a recipe in the video and cook while watching. 

Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #2 “How can feminism be a global binding movement between the East and West, Global South and Global North?”

WHEN: July 11 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET
WHERE: ZOOM. To participate in the event, fulfill the registration form.
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and ukrainian participants)

Let’s discuss essential feminist topics with feminists from all over the world while watching live cooking demonstration of the ukrainian dish dumplings with cherries 

We invited the guest-speakers to lead the discussion:

Giulia De Ponte, Art Historian and Visual Culture Scholar, Speaker for the Orlando Feminist Association (Bologna, Italy) and activist, and Viktoriia Pihul, Ukrainian feminist, activist and member of Board in “Sotsialnyi Rukh/Social Movement”. 

The event will be moderated by Milena Abrahamyan, queer feminist and activist from Armenia.

Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #3 “Is a joint feminist movement possible among those with a strong power imbalance? How to cooperate with the strong and the weak sides?”

WHAT: “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen”: #3 “Is a joint feminist movement possible among those with a strong power imbalance? How to cooperate with the strong and the weak sides?”
WHEN: August 10 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET
WHERE: ZOOM. To participate in the event, fulfill the registration form
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)

You can enjoy the spectacle of cooking, or if you are a cooking enthusiast, we will provide you with a list of ingredients and the recipe, so you can cook along during the broadcast under the careful guidance of our chef.

We invited the proficient speakers to lead the discussion:

Luma Nichol, is a socialist feminist activist with Radical Women (U.S.), Dafna Rachok, anthropologist and activist (Ukraine) and Olga Papash, Solidarity Collectives activist (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The event will moderate Milena Abrahamyan, queer feminist and activist from Armenia. In the secure atmosphere of our kitchen, we welcome all guests to share their thoughts and insights.

Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #4

WHAT: Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #4
WHEN: October 30 at 19.00 CET / 20.00 EET!
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)

This time we encourage our speakers and all the guests to discuss the questions: what can we do to move out of a state of constant war? How does the fight against imperialism relate to new forms of nationalism? And what does decolonization mean in such cases?

Given the unfolding global events – the escalating military conflicts between Palestine and Israel, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the full-scale war russia against Ukraine, and the enormous number of the civil victims of these conflicts, the topics of feminism and women’s empowerment in times of war are now more pertinent than ever.

At this event, we will introduce a new format of the activity by inviting all guests to participate in drawing a unique pattern of Ukrainian traditional embroidery, under the guidance of an artist and folk crafts master — Viktoriia Cherniakhivska . So you can join the drawing activity, participate in the discussion, or simply enjoy yourself as a viewer!

To lead the discussion we have invited speakers: sound artist and feminist activist Anna Khvyl from Ukraine, and Sevinj Samadzade, feminist researcher and activist within the gender, peace, and security focusing on the South Caucasus region. The event will be moderated by Milena Abrahamyan, a queer activist and feminist from Armenia.