Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine “Feminist workshop” has been doing important humanitarian work. We also keep engaging in educational and advocacy activities. We support people affected by war (displaced activists, women with children, elderly women), promote the values of equal rights and opportunities (for women, women at the battlefront, LGBTQI community, etc.), and enforce feminist agenda in all spheres of life.

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Our agenda is to do the following services for the women and non-binary people:

▪ to provide shelter for women*, children and pets and support individually with their needs, babysitting and supporting children’s development

▪ to provide the support for elderly women in Lviv (basic products and emotional support)

▪ to create the online content about the needs of vulnerable groups during war;

▪ to amplify human rights issues locally and globally by organizing prezentations, meetings and writing texts,

▪ to build and support activist communities (both online and offline), developing connections and trust among them, supporting their initiatives and coordinate common work, organizing group meetings;

▪ to maintain the community of teenage girls and non-binary personas by holding regular educating events and providing individual support.

In order to do all this work, we need financial support. We know that these extremely large efforts, which everyone is now making to stop the war, may lead to the rapid exhaustion, burnout, and diseases. Our activists need resources and support so they are able to give out support and help to others.

Every 8th of March we used to organize a demonstration in our city. One of the main slogans was always “Equality, Support and Women’s solidarity”. Now it is time to show real support to each other and bring peace back to our homes.


About us

Feminist workshop is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014. Our mission: creation of a space for the feminist community development in Lviv and Ukraine. We are a  grassroots  organization led by young women, LBTQ+ and internally displaced people. Here you can find more about our work now and about activities we were carrying out before the full-scale war.