Recently, we have launched a contest awarding internally displaced women with vouchers helping them to acquire new skills and knowledge.  Out of almost 500 applications, we selected 22 participants who soon got the vouchers for studying. 

«When we discussed launching this project, our main idea was to give women practical ways to earn more by improving their skills in the competitive professions. Women’s financial independence is not solely an issue of women’s visibility and taxes; it also prevents domestic violence. This project levels up all the participants: over a week we have gone over 512 applications. All our 22 winners will be able to get bigger salaries and become more independent» — Kateryna, coordinator of the crisis department.

Read some of their comments below:

«I’ve just finished my amazing floristry program! There was plenty of useful information, theory, and last but not least, practice. In addition to my main occupation, I can now work with fresh flowers and create flower arrangements. I am sure that this summer I will arrange flowers at the weddings. I am sincerely grateful for this incredible opportunity. What you’re doing is priceless. You inspire us to aim for new heights and dreams. I am really happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!» — Sophia

«I am really grateful for the training. That was such an important chance in these trying times! The training was beneficial, I learned a lot. Now I can expand the services I offer and earn more. Many thanks for your work, help, and humanity!» — Kateryna

«The girls did such a good job! Now we know some experts in the beauty industry, we know whom to reach out to for advice. Thanks to the project, I keep studying English which I really need now. Currently, I am working with USAID and implementing the grant in the Kherson region. Thank you for the opportunities you provided» — Olena

We are glad to provide women with the opportunities to acquire new knowledge and make a step up in their careers. We are grateful to the ЗMIN Foundation for the financial support! 🧡

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