Recently we launched a contest «Your Step Up». Out of over 500 applications received, we selected 22 participants who soon got the vouchers for studying.
We are glad that the winners of our contest have the opportunity to study, pursue a career, and become leading experts in their sphere.

Let them speak next:

When I filled out the application, I couldn’t even imagine that my dream was so close. I know for a fact that thanks to the knowledge I will receive in the course I selected, I’ll become a competitive expert! Thanks to the Feminist Workshop I made my first steady steps toward my favorite work! Now I am sure I will make it to the end and will receive the coveted offer. I was even more glad that I began my studies on the evening of Saint Nicholas Day! I was so excited that I went to sleep a couple of hours later than usual! And morning next day I felt like a child reaching for the toy gifted by Saint Nicholas first thing after waking up!)) I am insanely grateful to all the people involved for the opportunity to change my life for the better! I can’t even describe what I am feeling! I am immensely happy to STEP UP! — Svitlana. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I already commenced my studies! Advanced course!!! I could only dream about it! Thank you for making dreams come true, providing the opportunities to grow, and opening up new horizons! — Olena. 

I am grateful for giving me the chance to change my life for the better! Thank you! — Larysa. 

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