Recently we held a workshop “Psychological Self-help”. At the event, we learned about the regulation of intensive emotions and releasing tension. Together we practiced mindful breathing and identified the body’s stress points.

Most of us were new to a CBT exercise that helps transform destructive emotions into coherent solutions.

We are sharing it with you!

Let’s divide a piece of paper into 4 parts:

1. Mind  — we are dryly defining the problem that worries us.

2. Thought  — which thoughts pop up in our head regarding the issue.

3. Emotions  — listing our emotions and rating their intensity on a scale from 1 to 10.

4. Behaviour  — what can we do to solve this problem. It’s better to transform the intrusive thoughts and “negative” emotions into behavior, deciding what can be done to improve the situation.

Even the exercise itself without actions afterward is beneficial: sorting through the issue may be enough to feel better.

We are grateful to Nataliia Mykhalchuk, a practical psychologist and MHPSS coordinator in the international organization, for leading such a useful and informative workshop!

We are glad that you joined us. Furthermore, we hope that this practice will also be useful for everyone who couldn’t attend our event!