WHAT: Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #4
WHEN: October 30 at 19.00 CET / 20.00 EET!
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)

Have you already registered for our Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen#4 event? Hurry up not to miss out feminist discussion and a chance to share your experiences.

Let us introduce our guest speakers to you:

Anna Khvyl

Sound artist and feminist activists. Anna was a member of two Ukrainian feminist initiatives – Feminist Ofenzyva and Feminist Workshop and a participant in The Revolution of Dignity (2014-15). During the full-scale war in Ukraine, she created an audio walk near the International Criminal Court to draw the attention of the international community to Russia’s responsibility for international crimes.

Sevinj Samadzade

Feminist researcher/activist within the field of gender, peace and security focusing on the South Caucasus region with more than 8 years experience of working in various civil-society groups in Azerbaijan and Georgia, engaged in processes related to dealing with the past and researching an alternative history and daily politics of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in addition to implementing gender and peace education in the wider region. As a co-founder of a small local initiative called Feminist Peace Collective, Sevinj is currently involved in conceptualizing and practicing feminist peace resistance across the South Caucasus, through connecting feminist theories and practices.

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