At the beginning of March Feminist Workshop organized yet another offline workshop “Teaching selected topics regarding reproductive health and sex education for school students”. This time the event was attended by educators from Lviv, Kyiv, and Kharkiv. 

“We are truly grateful to Lviv Professional Development Center for educators for providing a comfortable space for training. 

Our organization holds such workshops to facilitate the space where the educators can share their experience and deepen their knowledge regarding sex education for teens (hygiene, reproductive health, personal boundaries, sexual violence, modern teaching methods, etc.).” says Tamara, teenagers’ needs coordinator. 

The first part of the event focused on the medical aspects of growing up. Liliya Mineralova, board-certified OBGYN, told about changes in the body during puberty, as well as about hygiene, menstruation, and contraception. 

During the second section psychologist Olha Avramenko spoke about different approaches to sex education and its results. The participants had an opportunity to learn about the US experience of introducing sexual education in schools. When asked how to initiate a conversation on sensitive topics with teens, the expert has stated, “When it comes to such topics, kids need to be constantly supported and reassured. At first, you should explain why is sex ed important for them, and emphasize that it is not a matter of embarrassment but of self-care.”

The final section of the workshop was the lecture of Natalya Dobryanska, a consultant of the Lviv Professional Development Center for educators, teacher with extensive experience. She emphasized the importance of video resources helping educators to create interesting and useful sex ed lessons. “Sex education is not about sex. It helps kids to avoid many problems. Thus, it should begin from kindergarten.” the educator emphasizes. 

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