Delve into the treasure trove of collective wisdom in our latest publication, TAIGA – A Transformational Leadership Program for Women* in Arts, Culture and CSOs, co-produced by the Feminist Workshop and our partner organizations. This document shows the journey of Eastern European activists in the field of culture. Dive into the pages filled with valuable lessons, from self-care and active listening to fostering resilience and creating spaces.

With the 20 best practices we’ve collected, you can enrich your approach to leadership and community engagement. Practitioners gathered on the experience of previous work and joint work during 4 workshops of organizations from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy and Latvia. Join us in strengthening our global network of solidarity if you are an activist, artist or just someone who wants to make a positive impact. Download the publication and embark on a transformational journey to a more just, equal and inclusive world.

The project «TAIGA – Transformational leadership program for women* in arts and culture and CSO» was implemented in collaboration with new visions, Ya Basta per la libertà dei popoli e contro il neoliberismo, Feminist workshop, Kaņepes Kultūras centrs and Common Thing Foundation, and was financed European Union.
*our project was trans-inclusive and we welcomed trans-folks and non-binary people as well.

TAIGA – publication about the good practices

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