A persisting myth states that in Ukrainian tradition women had a sacred, special role of mother and keeper of the hearth. Unfortunately, the facts state otherwise: historically, the situation of women was appalling Violence against women was normalized to such an extent that it was reflected in sayings and folk songs, the quotes from which were used on posters for our street protest «Leave the violence against women in folklore». 

On Sunday, December 3, the activists of Feminist Workshop came to the streets of Lviv to draw attention to the violence against women. Despite the snow, cold, and air raid alarms we are willing to speak about what matters to us! We encourage our subscribers to do the same. Countering the violence against women is always relevant!

Thanks to Nastya Yurchenko for the photos!

We are grateful to everyone who contributed to our street protest with their posters, physical participation, or reposts. What we do is important and our activism matters. Follow our announcements, we plan lots of interesting events as part of «16 Days against Gender-based Violence». 


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