As part of our cooperation with “Child-friendly School” Feminist Workshop organized four sex ed lectures based on the UN standards. Over 30 kids in grades 3-6 (8 to 12 years old) talked with a psychologist Ulyana Bontsyo about different types of families, learned about the role of parents (guardians) and other family members, and found out how they guide their kids and support their decisions. 

At the beginning of the lesson, the primary school students were asked to name the types of families they knew. The students listed big and small families and same-sex families, and recalled the specifics of families in other cultures. Kids were especially active when talking about their own families and the families they knew, and shared their thoughts about the differences between them. 

The next question focused on the family roles. After that, the kids played the game, during which they created a family with its own rules. At the end of the meeting, the psychologist asked what to do if a family member got sick and couldn’t attend to their responsibilities. The students answered unanimously, saying to help and care for this person, their kindness really touching. The main goal of the exercise was to make the kids understand that health may affect the family teaching them to approach sick people with empathy and support. 

In the lesson with the middle school students, the lecturer talked about the role of parents and children’s safety. She explained what to do if kids are in danger and where to turn for help. Ulyana emphasized that family is supposed to be a safe space. Though the event was interrupted by the air raid alarms warning of the threat of Russian shellings, the lecture didn’t stop. After moving to the bomb shelter, kids were enthusiastically discussing the roles of parents, guardians, and stepparents.


“One of the key parents’ objectives is teaching their child to express their emotions,” Ulyana Bontsyo highlighted during the lesson.

At the end of the session, the students played the card game “How am I similar to my parents”. This gave the kids positive emotions.


If you want us to hold such lectures in your school, reach out to us at or on social media.