It may be tough to work with the school students, yet it is so exciting! At the Feminist Workshop, we strive to challenge the stereotypes. We don’t believe that you shouldn’t speak with the youth about gender-based violence, making excuses that they are «too young for that» or that the topic is «not relevant».  This year our activists have held a lot of lectures in schools. Representatives of Lviv schools and members of the school governments reached out to us asking to give lectures as part of the international campaign «16 days of activism against gender-based violence». Our activists eagerly agreed to that.

«This year I was a speaker at the meetings getting the youth familiar with the topic of gender-based violence. At first, I spoke at the superb event organized by “Freaks of Lviv”. I was quite astonished by its format! Basically, I gave a lecture while beating teens in card games.

I am surrounded by school students, telling them what is considered violence and how to identify it. I am looking at the young faces of open-minded and free people, and I am overcome with happiness as I realize that they will be the driving force of change, transforming the school environment for the better. Then I gave a lecture for high school seniors in the Lviv school №62. For that event, I chose the discussion format. I got the impression that I gave the students their first opportunity to express their opinions freely. They said that only the perpetrator is guilty of violence, and explained why you can’t blame the victims» — Ganya.

Tamara gave two lectures in the lyceum №10 named after St.Mary Magdalene. Overall, more than 30 high schoolers attended both lectures. Students got basic knowledge of gender-based violence, and learned about the types of violence and gender stereotypes. Together with our colleague, they debunked the myths surrounding the topic. 

«I had classes in three schools. That was an interesting and brand-new experience. Students are all really different and all perceive the information differently: some make fun, while some genuinely engage in the discussion. For the umpteenth time, I realize that work with school students is complicated yet crucial» — Yaryna.

Led by our activists, students got basic knowledge regarding gender-based violence, learned about types of violence and gender stereotypes, and debunked myths surrounding the topic. Moreover, now all participants of the lectures know how to engage in activism to fight this dangerous phenomenon. 

We are sincerely grateful to the team of teachers and active students of the lyceum and schools for making our lectures possible.

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