Smartphones make lives easier and save time. However, they may pose a challenge for people without proper skills. If one doesn’t know how to use messengers, make money transfers online, or make a route in Google Maps, one may feel disoriented. 

The team of Feminist Workshop realized that the residents of shelters need help learning to deal with digital tools. They couldn’t request the document via the e-governance app Diia or use the online banking app «Privat24». They used their phones exclusively for calls. 

That’s why for the third time our team held a course teaching the internally displaced women the basics of digital literacy. As a result of the course, women learned to use gadgets and improve their lives using them! We are proud of our students’ accomplishments!

Training and volunteering were made possible thanks to the women’s community IntelliWomen of the IT company Intellias aiming to improve the digital literacy skills of internally displaced women. 

We are grateful to all the volunteers who were sharing their knowledge: your efforts are appreciated!

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