Together with “Child-friendly school” we are launching the “Sex Education” project for their students.

Basis of the project:

Sex education is a complex approach to teaching students about sexual identity, relationships, and sexuality. We are convinced that awareness of these topics is crucial to building healthy and happy relationships and understanding the role of gender equality.

Two distinguished experts will share their experience and knowledge with children:

  1. Ulyana Bontsyo — psychologist, sexologist, social worker, and mental health expert. She will be responsible for the psychological aspects of sex education.
  2. Hanna Chyr – legal expert, consultant in the legal clinic of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. She will focus on the legal aspects of sexual relationships and will talk about our rights and duties.

“The history of our collaboration began when parents visited sex ed lectures organized by Feminist Workshop and recommended us to the school administration. Following the school’s request, we have developed a program for grades 1-8 based on the UN International technical guidance on sexuality education. Our team is looking forward to working with children for months, which is really inspiring,” shares Tamara, the coordinator of the teenage needs advocacy department.

Sex education in the school will be based on the international standards established by the United Nations. It guarantees relevance, expertise, and high-quality information.