“Feminist Workshop” has organized an educational lecture “Hate Crimes” for the 11th-grade students of the Lviv Economic Lyceum, the school specializing in engineering and economics. 

The lecturer Hanna Chyr, a legal expert of “Feminist Workshop” focused on criminal law and its underlying principles. Particular emphasis was put on the concept of discrimination and the ways it affects society. The participants made practical exercises, identifying discrimination in various social spheres. 

“This lecture is more than a matter of new knowledge. The students got to realize that each of them plays an important role in building a society where every citizen is entitled to a dignified and safe existence,” empathized Hanna Chyr. 

The lecture “Hate Crimes” was an important milestone in raising legal awareness of the new generation and emphasizing on combatting discrimination in all the social spheres. 

We are convinced that such events are essential to building a more tolerant and equal society.