In spring, a member of “Feminist Workshop” Tamara participated in the 5-day workshop organized by the NGO “Women’s Perspectives” in Lviv. Its topic was the inter-agency minimum standards for the prevention of and in response to gender-based violence in emergencies. The event’s goal was to provide the members of women’s and feminist organizations with new knowledge and approaches for effective response to gender-based violence. The workshop was organized as part of the project “Call to action: Acting Locally 2023-2025” implemented with the support of CARE and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


The trainers Olena Dashutina, head of the department of countering sexual and gender-based violence of the Police Stabilization Project (Alinea International with the support of Global Affairs Canada), and Serhiy Veligodsky from the Ukrainian United Nations Population Fund have presented 16 standards based on the international experience. The key principle of the standards essential for the prevention of and response to GBV and providing multisectoral services states that one needs to focus on people subject to violence and guarantee their safety, privacy, respect, and nondiscrimination. During the workshop, the participants analyzed practical cases, learning the process of helping people affected by gender-based violence in Ukraine and discussing the possible improvements in the procedure.

“GBV is a horrible reality for millions of Ukrainian girls and women, and also a common human rights violation. Like any other emergency, Russia’s war against Ukraine leads to an increase in violence against these population groups. This workshop provided me with knowledge on countering gender stereotypes at the heart of violence, on sensitive communication with those affected by violence, and on effective interaction of different subjects providing help. Regardless of the complexity of the topic, every day the lectures alternated with workshops: it made new knowledge easy to understand, and every day was exciting,” Tamara shares.