Head of the NGO “Feminist Workshop” Olya has recently participated in the study visit “First steps in social business”. It was organized for the members of the CAFI network and focused on the ideas and organization of social business. 

At the meetings the participants were delving into theory: they learned the forms of social business, learned how it can work and what is needed. They also enhanced theoretical knowledge by studying practical cases and getting to know the social enterprises of the Lviv region.

On March 27-29 they visited the social enterprise “Rukomysly”, project “Herbs energy for life energy”, NGO Community “Emmaus-oselya”, Lady Di atelier, “Wood_look” workshop, “Butterfly” atelier, and cafe-bakery “Walnut house”.

“Sharing the practical knowledge convinced me that the issue of social business is both interesting and complicated. It is complicated in terms of legal aspects and ethical components, business models, and real decisions. Social business is at the intersection of business (with profit as its main goal) and the social sphere (which aims to solve social problems), which results in a double burden for entrepreneurs. The new information I learned at the meetings both encouraged me to look at the challenges realistically and inspired me to act up. 

Who knows, maybe one day Feminist Workshop will establish or support social enterprise?” Olya hints.

This study visit was organized as part of the project “Call to action: Act Locally 2023-2025” implemented by the center “Women’s Perspectives” with the support of CARE and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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