Together with Gala Kozyutinska and the creative studio What if established as part of the Lviv art school for teens What if, we organized a two-day workshop “Film directing is an (un)womanly profession”. 

During the event, we had an opportunity to learn about film directing, preparations for the filming and the filming process itself, film editing, and many useful information about production and postproduction. Mentored by Gala, our participants shot their first videos.

“The participants were really cool! They may not realize it just yet, but some of them are already inclined to create video art or documentaries. 

And maybe we didn’t cover all the topics, as 2 meetings are of course not enough to become a film director. 🙂 Still, we tried to cover the fundamentals and explore our passions, to realize if we like it.

Film directing, film and videography industry are immense, and I really hope that the participants will fulfill their potential as film directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, film editors, or as artists who are not afraid to create, believe in themselves and know that no one is to tell them if it’s a “womanly occupation” or not.” Gala adds.

We are grateful to Galya, What if studio, and America House Lviv for this opportunity. We are looking forward to organizing many more equally exciting events together!

*This event was organized with support from the European Youth Foundation by the Council of Europe

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