Katya, the crisis department coordinator, has been to a meeting in Copenhagen.

Together with other activists, she spoke about the work of the Ukrainian NGOs as part of the humanitarian response, about barriers affecting the LGBTQ+ community seeking humanitarian aid, and the dire need to change international protocols regulating the provision of humanitarian aid in response to the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community faces in times of war.

We are sincerely grateful to LGBT DENMARK and RFSL for making this meeting happen. We are also grateful to our Ukrainian colleagues: “Insight”, “Others”, “Resistance”, “Gender Stream”, and “Sphere” for the efficient meeting and your everyday effort. Another honourable mention goes to the “Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union” and FRI PF for their support and help with the advocacy strategy. Later this year, developed recommendations will be presented to the international partners in Oslo, which will make the Ukrainian response more efficient.

“Once again this meeting proves that feminist and LGBTQ+ organizations are using all possible contacts and opportunities to garner international support for Ukraine. While the meeting focused on civilians we used this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for regular military support. To quote what my Ukrainian colleague said to the ministry officials, “You know, it’s easier to work when you are still alive”. So let’s keep bringing the victory closer!“ Katya adds.