On Saturday, March 9 members of our team Olya and Yaryna participated in the meeting of the European Solidarity Network with Ukraine.

At the online meeting we talked about the state of women in Ukraine before and after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Another important item on the meeting agenda was our fight for equality and against sexism in Ukrainian society.

There were 33 participants from Europe and Northern America present at the event. During the meeting, we urged the participants to help soldiers and the Ukrainian army, and support a fundraising campaign organized by “Veteranka”.

“Participation in such events is impоrtant both for our organization and for us as Ukrainians.

 There is an acute need to amplify the voices of Ukrainian women in the international arena. We need to keep reminding them that aside from fighting against gender-based violence, sexism, and gender stereotypes there is an ongoing battle with the cruelest of enemies, Russia, that is demolishing our cities and killing the best people in our country every single day,” the team says.

On Monday, March 11 Feminist Workshop was invited to the online meeting organized by RESU. Among the participants were NGO “Bilkis” and Sonic, a soldier and feminist. 

This meeting was attended by 66 participants from France and Belgium interested in the activities of Ukrainian feminists.

“Implementing the principle ‘nothing about us without us’, we deem it our duty to remind about Ukraine in the international arena. We need to speak up for our real needs and challenges, explain our context, amplify the voices of Ukrainian feminists, and call for providing hands-on support to Ukrainian armed forces and NGOs. We are grateful for everyone willing to listen, ask questions, and help.” Olya adds.