Magda Fabianczyk (Poland/UK) and Iryna Tyshko (Ukraine) exchanged their opinions on European politics and the role of women and queer people in elections during Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen.

While listening to the conversation you are invited to draw birds with us under the guidance of an artist  to welcome spring and positive changes in the world. 

Here are some  hot takes of our guests: 

Magda: It’s not enough to have experience of marginalization, we also need to live to act our values. And we have to have collective interest at heart. 

We can’t just focus on building political power for the candidates, but we also need to build people power at the grassroots, to keep these candidates accountable. 

Any kind of shift of the government in Poland away from the European Union is ultimately the shift towards Russia, which is obviously a big problem.

Iryna: We should break this patriarchal rule. Like Ukrainian women in Ukrainian army: they  fight against russian soldiers and against sexism at the same time. 

We should be united and we should imagine how Russia will collapse. We should talk about it. 


Collage of works by the participants of the meeting, made by Viktoriia Cherniakhivska

Watch the whole discussion here:

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