We have repeatedly shared stories about us teaching internally displaced women to use their phones. That helps them to better connect to the world.  These women are someone’s mothers, grannies, wives, and friends. All of them have lost their home and call Lviv their second home. They are all elderly women, and this course is their chance to adapt to the new city.

Thanks to the courses they get the opportunity to connect with their relatives via messengers, read the news on Facebook, make a doctor appointment via health care portal Helsi, track the public transport, and figure out the intricacies of online banking. Over 4 months more than 100 participants have learned to use the phone at our courses.

Today we are sharing some photos of our participants learning about Youtube in the basement. Due to the air raid alarms all over Ukraine caused by ballistic missiles launched by Russian invaders, women were forced to change their cozy tables and chairs for the library’s bomb shelter. Even this didn’t stop them from acquiring new knowledge and skills.

«I am glad to be here, to enhance my mobile literacy skills. It is crucial today, as it helps us to get in contact with relatives far from us. And generally, one needs to know how to use all these resources. I am grateful to the volunteers working with us here, grateful for their patience. They help us, explain everything, and repeat their explanations if needed. I wish for more events like this!» shares Olha, the course student.

This truly valuable and important project exists thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and grant support. We believe that we will be able to scale it up beyond our city. If you want to collaborate with us on the course, reach out at our mail (office@femwork.org) or send us a direct message.


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