This weekend we held our long-awaited two-day intensive training “Coven: Activism Academy for Girls*”.

It was magical!

The first day was filled with the energy of new meetings and experiences: we held many inspiring practices, such as the Self-Discovery Ritual and the Sorting Hat, where we learned to understand ourselves and our needs. We also searched for inspiration in activism and learned to change the world for the better by bringing our ideas to life.

The second day was just as impressive! We studied the Defence against Dark Arts, working on our assertiveness. In the Charms lesson we learn how reality influences the language, and the language, in turn, shapes our perception of reality.

During these two busy days, we discussed activist initiatives and held therapeutical recovery practices. At the final ceremony, we received our magical certificates!

We are grateful for your incredible energy and support! Together we found our inner strength and are ready to implement our ideas. Until next time!

*this event was organized thanks to the support of the European Youth Foundation by the Council of Europe