WHAT: Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #4
WHEN: October 30 at 19.00 CET / 20.00 EET!
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)

We’ve changed the format of our «Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen» events. Now, we’re not asking you to cook a dish with us, but inviting you all to draw the Ukrainian folk embroidery ornament with us! So register for the event and prepare a few A4 sheets of paper, and some pencils, markers, or pens (colored or not)).

We’ve invited Ukrainian poet, artist, and book illustrator – Viktoriia Cherniakhivska, who’d tell us about the roots and symbols of the folk embroidery and will guide us through the drawing.

Viktoriia graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, studied at the courses and workshops in Sculpturnyi Tsekh, Bursa Zhyvopisu, Projector, School of Visual Communication, Skill Up, Litosvita, etc.

As an artist she experimented with different techniques and materials (bookbinding, embroidery, pastels, acrylic painting, etc.) and eventually came to digital collage as the main form of artistic expression.

In 2018 started illustrating books for Ukrainian publishing houses (Vydavnytstvo, Elektroknyga, Luta Sprava Publishing, The Old Lion Publishing House, Alemak Publishing House, etc.)

Viktoriia participated in exhibitions in Ukraine, Romania, and France.

As an artist Viktoriia Cherniakhivska is interested in searching for magical moments in everyday life, noticing connections and coincidences as a manifestation of the beauty of reality.

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