WHAT: Lecture “What will happen to our cities: the right to housing during and after the war”
WHERE: MoloDvizh Centr. Lviv (31 Tchaikovsky St.)
WHEN: July 16 (Saturday), 5:00 p.m
Free entrance

With the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, housing became an urgent problem for many Ukrainians. Someone lost their home, someone was forced to leave it due to danger, in relatively safe regions of the country there was a wave of rent increases, which led to evictions.

At the lecture, we will try to understand the principles of the housing sector in Ukraine and how it can be changed in the process of rebuilding the country to make housing more affordable.

In particular, we will talk about:

  • the main problems with housing now;
  • how the housing policy (didn’t) work during the war;
  • on what principles a fair housing policy should take place;
  • how gender equality and the right to housing are related.

Lecturer: Alyona Lyasheva, researcher in the field of housing, co-editor of the “Spilne” journal, member of the NGO “Social Movement”

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