WHAT: Training “What is aggression and how to deal with it”
WHERE: Lviv, 58 Mushaka St.
WHEN: July 9 (Saturday), 2:00 p.m
Free entrance

Reading the comments and grind your teeth? Arguing with someone and barely staying on the edge of a constructive dialogue? Aggression or anger is a normal emotion that cannot be ignored. But how to live in a world where triggers are at every step, and a constant state of aggression prevents you from living normally? Let’s talk about this together with Eva, a yoga therapist and future Gestalt therapist.

At the training we:

  • we learn what aggression is and how to show it ecologically;
  • let’s talk about how it can be sublimated and practice working with it;
  • let’s learn to understand our own boundaries and defend them.

Eva is a certified yoga therapist with extensive experience working with people. Now she is studying to become a Gestalt psychotherapist.

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