WHAT: Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen#8: How do we build our solidarity – thoughts from Ukraine and Italy (interactive online event)

WHEN: April 18 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET (Kyiv time)

WHERE: ZOOM. To participate in the event, fulfill the Registration Form.
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and ukrainian participants)

Activists will exchange their thoughts from everyday activism in their collectives. Emphasizing collective (un)learning, solidarity, and mutual support, and addressing systemic inequalities and patterns we unintentionally reproduce, these discussions highlight the importance of fostering healing amidst adversity, abandoning the mindset of scarcity and competition, and co-creating self-reflexive and caring spaces and solidarity-based mechanisms at all levels of our societies.

The essential part of our event is discussion. But as a special treat we invite you to join the interactive part – collective drawing session. While discussing the main topic we can relax in drawing Ukrainian traditional symbols.

We invite you to join us for this UFK#8 online event – the last event of this project in a row, so don’t miss a chance to be involved. Register to join us on April 18 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET!

Make sure to check the time according to your timezone: Time of the Event

Our guest speakers: Yosh, feminist activist, ex-head of Feminist Workshop (Ukraine), Alla Solod, coordinator in Feminist Workshop (Ukraine), Laura Schiavone, Activist from Làbas (Bologna, Italy), Antonella Amadei, activist of Municipio Sociale Làbas (Italy).

The event will be moderated by Marija Jakovljević, activist advisor and consultant supporting care work of feminist collectives and women’s funds.

We give the opportunity to all the guests not only to ask questions and participate in discussion, but also to join the relaxed activity – creating a drawing of traditional symbols of Easter.

The poet and artist Viktoriia Chernyakhivska will help us with drawing and also would tell us about Ukrainian traditions of celebrating Easter.

For further exploration of the “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen” project, you can access recordings of previous meetings here:  https://femwork.org/en/ukrfemkitchen/

Register to participate:  Registration form


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