WHAT: Lecture “Eco-feminism: how caring for the environment is connected to women’s rights*”
WHERE: MoloDvizh Centr. Lviv (31 Tchaikovsky St.)
WHEN: July 2 (Saturday), 4:00 p.m
Free entrance

Have you ever wondered how the environmental, feminist, and anti-capitalist agendas are connected? We will talk about this in our next lecture.

Lecturer: Yana Wolf, activist from Kharkiv, participant of the “Bilkis” initiative, intersectional left-wing feminist.

At the lecture we:

  • learn why global warming exists and how capitalism has turned our planet into a garbage dump;
  • let’s find out what feminism is all about and talk about women as a vulnerable group in the problem of the ecological crisis;
  • and look for alternatives and solutions.

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