We invite you to join a friendly discussion in our feminist kitchen and enjoy a live cooking demonstration of a traditional Ukrainian dish called “Holubtsi” (Cabbage Rolls). Our chef-host will be preparing a vegetarian version of the dish, just like our grandmothers used to make during religious fasting.

WHAT: “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen”: #3 “Is a joint feminist movement possible among those with a strong power imbalance? How to cooperate with the strong and the weak sides?”
WHEN: August 10 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET
WHERE: ZOOM. To participate in the event, fulfill the registration form
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)


Register in advance not to miss out our next cooking & discussion online event “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen”#3 on August 10 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET!

You can enjoy the spectacle of cooking, or if you are a cooking enthusiast, we will provide you with a list of ingredients and the recipe, so you can cook along during the broadcast under the careful guidance of our chef.

💁 To lead the discussion, we have invited proficient speakers from different countries who will share their experiences and answer your questions: Luma Nichol, is a socialist feminist activist with Radical Women (U.S.), Dafna Rachok, anthropologist and activist (Ukraine), Maureen Sigauke, community organizer and activist (Zimbabwe), Olga Papash, Solidarity Collectives activist (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The event will moderate Milena Abrahamyan, queer feminist and activist from Armenia. In the secure atmosphere of our kitchen, we welcome all guests to share their thoughts and insights.

In the secure atmosphere of our kitchen, we welcome all guests to share their thoughts and insights.

In this gathering, we aim to bridge the gaps between different cultures, experiences, and regions by exploring the potential of feminism as a movement that unites and empowers women worldwide.

To learn more about the project “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen” you can watch the short video of the previous meeting:

Register to participate in the event, and we will send you the list of ingredients for the dish recipe in advance.

The event is organized by “Feminist Workshop” (Ukraine).

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