WHAT: Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen #2 “How can feminism be a global binding movement between the East and West, Global South and Global North?”
WHEN: July 11 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET
WHERE: ZOOM. To participate in the event, fulfill the registration form.
LANGUAGE: English (with foreign and Ukrainian participants)

Let’s discuss essential feminist topics with feminists from all over the world while watching live cooking demonstration of the ukrainian dish dumplings with cherries 

Join us at our next cooking & discussion online event “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen”#2 on July 11 at 19.00 CET/ 20.00 EET

Let’s talk in a warm and cheerful atmosphere on the topic “How can feminism be a global binding movement between the East and West, Global South and Global North?”.

As a special twist of our event: our chef-host will provide a live cooking demonstration of a traditional Ukrainian dish: dumplings with cherries (a dessert made of dough with cherry filling, and boiled in water). If you’re interested in cooking, you may prepare this dish simultaneously in your kitchen under our chef’s guidance.

We invited the guest-speakers to lead the discussion:

Giulia De Ponte, Art Historian and Visual Culture Scholar, Speaker for the Orlando Feminist Association (Bologna, Italy) and activist, and Viktoriia Pihul, Ukrainian feminist, activist and member of Board in “Sotsialnyi Rukh/Social Movement”. 

The event will be moderated by Milena Abrahamyan, queer feminist and activist from Armenia.

All the registered participants are welcome to join the conversation or ask questions via chat or video/audio.

We hope this format will create the possibility to spend pleasant time together online and feel vibes of care and support in our common struggle, although we all have different experiences.

To learn more about the project “Ukrainian Feminist Kitchen” you can watch the short video of the previous meeting: here  

We will send You the list of ingredients for the dish recipe in advance.

The event is organized by “Feminist Workshop” (Ukraine).

Registration form


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