WHAT: ZOOM discussion about COVID-19 (Belarus and Sweden experiences)
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WHEN: February 8th, 18:00 (Kyiv)

Feminist workshop and Sasha Kantser will be waiting for you at the ZOOM discussion about COVID-19 pandemic, particularly about pandemic experiences in Belarus and Sweden.

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❗ Language: English. It’s a nice opportunity to practice English and learn more about an important topic!

Our guests, Angelina (Belarus/ Poland) and Maria (Sweden) will answer the questions of our moderator, Sasha Kantser, including those related to the appliance of gender lens in the evaluation of governmental ways to combat the pandemic.

You can also pose your own questions, discuss the topic with other participants, as well as share your own feelings and experiences. Both guests are highly competent in the social sphere. Moreover, Maria has recently recovered from COVID-19 herself. She is ready to share her experience ☺️

These two countries differ in many respects. In Sweden, as we know, there were no drastic changes in daily life: main focus was made on the personal responsibility of the citizens. Meanwhile, Belarus belongs to the Post-Soviet countries marked with low level of the public trust in the governmental structures: there, the policy of relying on the personal responsibility could hardly be implemented.

The coronavirus pandemic in Belarus took a peculiar turn: the reason there weren’t any lockdowns was not a conscious choice of citizens or authorities but rather a disregard for the actual epidemiological situation. Additionally, during the pandemic mass protests related to Lukashenko’s re-election in the last presidential election began in the country.

Anyway, even though pandemic situation is peculiar by definition, experience of Belarus and Sweden is probably the most peculiar experience of pandemic in Europe.

We are waiting and counting the minutes until our meeting!

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