WHAT: English Speaking Club. (Un)safe space: women on campus
WHERE: Feminist Workshop – Vynnychenka street, 26 (entrance from the courtyard)
WHEN: November 27 at 18:00 (Kyiv)

During 16 days of activism against gender-based violence Feminist Workshop is hosting a film screening and discussion.
We are going to discuss why our culture puts the blame for the violence on the victim, but not on the perpetrator of violence. Even though it is obvious that we should protect the weak and vulnerable, schools and families are still not the safe environment for all children. Neither are universities for women. Why does it happen? It may be difficult to bring personal experience into the discussion, so we will talk about the story of high-school student Melinda (Kristen Stewart) from the movie Speak (2004). That was one of the first movies to show how feminism perceives institutions and social problems. It is interesting to watch it as the precursor of the feminist wave of 2010s and to compare our stance on violence with that of the beginning of the millennium.
???? Even if your English level is not that high, join us anyway! We will try to make it interesting for everybody, regardless of your level!
???? Topics are discussed in a relaxed and happy environment and we welcome people of all genders to join. We want the English club to be LGBTQ and female friendly, so any form of intolerant speech is not acceptable.
???? Speaking club is moderated by Sasha Kantser, Feminist Workshop activist and young researcher (history).

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