WHAT: English Speaking Club: Lesbian Visibility Day
WHERE: Zoom conference 
WHEN: April 27 at 18:00 (Kyiv)

On 26th April Feminist Workshop will celebrate Lesbian visibility day by making a special English club!
Let’s meet at Zoom on April 27th at 18:00.

Together with our moderator Sasha we will discuss lesbian characters from movies and TV shows that inspire us.
Women* that identify themselves as lesbians are particulary welcome, as well as their girlfriends, but we kindly invite all girls* that are interested to learn how lesbians are represented in popular culture.
Together we will watch various movie scenes and discuss them over a cup of tea.

If you want to attend, simply send a PM to our page on Facebook or leave the comment “I want to visit English club” on event page. In the day of the club we will send you the link.

Friends, even if your English level is not that high, join us anyway! We will try to make it interesting for everybody, regardless of your level!

Now you have the opportunity to leave your feedback, wishes, comments, ideas, opinions, etc. about our events and activities in general.
This will help us become better and plan our events more carefully.

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