WHAT: English Speaking Club: Women, Politics, Islam
WHERE: Feminist Workshop – Rynok square 42 (entrance from the courtyard)
WHEN: March 20 at 20:00

When talking about women in politics in our region we rarely mention Islam and Muslim women. Not only is it our error, but also now we can see that all over the world the lack of representation and the absence of Muslim voices in Western and Eastern European public space has led to the rise of chauvinistic and islamophobic moods. Even if women in Islamic countries can’t hold political positions (in the West, because of either stereotypes or their immigrant status, while in their homeland the sole reason is their gender) they often establish strong informal leadership all over the world.

Over the course of our English club session we are going to discuss the book “Women, leadership and mosques” by Masooda Bano and Hilary Kalmbach and try to debunk all the stereotypes about women and politics in the Muslim world. Quotes and ideas from the book will be presented by our moderator over the session, that means you don’t have to read the book at home before you show up for the club.

🔹 Topics are discussed in a relaxed and happy environment and we welcome people of all genders to join. We want the English club to be LGBTQ and female friendly, so any form of intolerant speech is not acceptable.
🔹 Speaking club is moderated by Sasha Kantser, Feminist Workshop activist and young researcher (history).

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