WHAT: English Speaking Club: My immune system fights discrimination
WHERE: Zoom conference 
WHEN: April 18 at 20:00 (Kyiv)

English club is finally back!

Even though right now we don’t have an opportunity to meet together in the office of the Feminist workshop, we still can make new connections and reunite with old friends during the online meeting of our Speaking club!
It will be even better, because our feminist friends Karen and Yuri from Chicago, USA will also be joining us.
Together with our guest speakers we are going to discuss and compare the quarantine in their state and in the Eastern Europe (we are inviting the participants from Ukraine, but everybody willing to join is welcome). We will discuss our personal experience as seen through the lense of the feminist optics. We will cover many important topics: who is especially vulnerable right now, how media cover current events and what particularly annoys us these days.

If you want to attend, simply send a PM to our page on Facebook. In the day of the club we will send you the link to the Zoom conference.

Friends, even if you English level is not that high, join us anyway! We will try to make it interesting for everybody, regardless of your level! 


Event on Facebook

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