WHAT: English Speaking Club. Ads and feminism
WHERE: Feminist Workshop – Rynok square 42 (entrance from the courtyard)
WHEN: April 17 at 20:00

We invite our frequenters and new members to the Feminist Workshop to talk about how feminism became commercially profitable for big and small brands. Urban space is still filled with awful sexist advertisements, but something new begins to emerge: along with a bag of chips, detergent or razor we are sold body positive and fair pay.
Do we want feminist advertisements? Or do we want neutral advertisements with feminism remaining a grassroots anarchist movement? Let’s discuss at 8 pm on the 17th of April.

🔹 Topics are discussed in a relaxed and happy environment and we welcome people of all genders to join. We want the English club to be LGBTQ and female friendly, so any form of intolerant speech is not acceptable.
🔹 Speaking club is moderated by Sasha Kantser, Feminist Workshop activist and young researcher (history).

For the cover of the event we used a picture from “Windex” ad.

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