WHAT: English Speaking Club. Japanese feminism
WHERE: Feminist Workshop – Rynok square 42 (entrance from the courtyard)
WHEN: May 15 at 20:00

This time at our club we will go on an imaginable journey to Japan. We will discuss Japanese feminism in the past and today. Colourful presentation, scenes from anime and Japanese movies will help us to delve deeper in the topic and to have fun. We assure you that Japanese feminism is definitely worth your attention, for on its example one can pose important questions. Do society and technology progress simultaneously? How tradition and feminism coexist? Is there such thing as capitalist feminism? This, and much more – at our club.

🔹 Topics are discussed in a relaxed and happy environment and we welcome people of all genders to join. We want the English club to be LGBTQ and female friendly, so any form of intolerant speech is not acceptable.
🔹 Speaking club is moderated by Sasha Kantser, Feminist Workshop activist and young researcher (history).

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