WHAT: English Speaking Club. Feminism in ‘Harry Potter’, part 2
WHERE: Feminist Workshop – Rynok square 42 (entrance from the courtyard)
WHEN: July 10 at 20:00

At the previous meeting about the Harry Potter books, we did not have enough time to discuss everything that we wanted, so we will continue this meeting.

We found the topic that you probably have known since childhood. We are going to discuss J.K.Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ novels, film adaptions and the whole Potterverse.

What female characters do we perceive as feminist role models? Is ‘Harry Potter’ similar to ‘Fantastic beasts’ in regard to that?
Even if you’re out of the loop, don’t worry! True fans of the whole franchise will quickly fill you in. Plus, the club moderator will provide you with plenty of movie clips to discuss.
We are waiting for you!

🔹 Topics are discussed in a relaxed and happy environment and we welcome people of all genders to join. We want the English club to be LGBTQ and female friendly, so any form of intolerant speech is not acceptable.
🔹 Speaking club is moderated by Sasha Kantser, Feminist Workshop activist and young researcher (history).

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