Feminist Workshop was established as a grassroots initiative in June 2014. Now it’s registered NGO which has horizontal structure.

The first events of the organization were creative workshops with the motto «Let’s unite and create». At them women with different backgrounds met together to make handmade things (embroidery, knitting, cooking), get acquainted and discuss important topics. Spending spare time in a friendly female atmosphere is still one of the most important elements in Feminist Workshop practice.

Since 2015 Feminist Workshop has own small space in the city center, which was gotten with the support of FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund. It is used for work and holding events for 20-30 visitors. There is a modest library inside with feminist books which visitors can take home to read. Besides the activists and Feminist Workshop’s guests can temporarily live in this accommodation when they are in difficult economic circumstances.

The mission of organization is to create environment which is favorable for development and self-realization of girls and women in Lviv.
We understand feminism not only as improvement of women positions in society, but it is also deeper changes of the social norms, counteraction to various forms of discrimination and violence. We use the notion of feminism to implement ideas of a diverse inclusive and gender-sensitive world by help of methods which unite people.

Priority areas of activity
– Implementation of gender equality and change of the information space.
– Gender education and support of teenager-girls.
– Support of feminists and LBT+ people.

Work principles
– Horizontal organization (decisions are made jointly at the monthly meetings or online).
– Inclusiveness (needs of all the members are counted when it’s possible)
– Involvement of new members (women, transgender and intersex people)
– Openness to the new content.


The huge part of Feminist Workshop activities are the educational events. They are focused on young women of Lviv, pro-feminist audience and teenagers. Among them are feminist lectures with mostly invited experts and workshops which are organized by the members of Feminist Workshop. There can be situational one-time event and complex series of events. E.g., in 2015 Feminist Workshop organized series of 10 lectures with the support of the G. Böll Fund and NGO Center “Women’s Perspectives”.

Since 2016 the Organization has been working with teenage audience by conducting classes at schools on the topics of tolerance, gender, girls’ self-esteem. There is also the Girl Space teenage club in the office of Feminist Workshop. This work was supported by G. Böll Found.

Feminist Workshop helps to organize art and educational exhibitions at its office and other locations. The exhibitions bring up different social issues from the woman’s everyday life: Maternity, Voices: Women and Disability, Professionals, Don’t be afraid, Fear.

Sharing and lobbying of feminist ideas

Since 2015 Feminist Workshop annually organizes actions in March, 8. Moreover, the Organization performed action in honor of 16 days against gender-based violence, and another action for the support of the Walnut House (the shelter for women in crisis situations). In addition Feminist Workshop acts in solidarity with the other organizations in case of the rights oppression.

Since 2015 the Organization has the web-site for articles on feminist topics for adolescents and young women.

Also in 2017 the video podcast, about feminist initiatives in other cities of Ukraine, was created.
Since 2017 the Organization has been organizing Schools and Workshops on Feminist Activism, which are focused on involvement of young feminists and development of Feminist Movement in Lviv.